Software Engineering, a personal journey

Comment spammers

It's New Year's day 2017 and I'm checking my blog for post comments. I added the functionality for v ...

C# ASP.Net MVC Creating and inserting blog posts

Using JetBrains Rider to create a C# ASP.Net MVC site that creates and inserts blog posts. This is p ...

Comments system using a Litedb

This article contains code.

Litedb MVC C# .Net: Retrieving images from a file store

Using LiteDB and JetBrains new C# IDE, Rider, to retrieve images from a file store and return them t ...

Learning JQuery by using it for real

I love my job, it's creative and thougth provoking whilst keeping me on my toes. Learning new stuff, ...


.Net Core MVC, you shall not defeat me
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